Do You Like to Sing?

If so, I’d like to ask for YOUR help in producing a music video for all the doctors, nurses, health care staff, grocery store workers, others on the front lines, and for those who are suffering with the virus now.

I wrote the song below about two months ago, before the virus hit the U.S. While recording it I had a vision of many, many people singing together. Now that so many people are under so much strain, I thought that maybe we could all come together to provide some loving support to those who are working the hardest and to those who are suffering.

If you’d like to participate, here’s what to do:

1. Listen to the melody:

2. Using your phone, record yourself (and anyone who wants to join you) singing the lyrics:

We sing
We sing to your heart
To your heart
We sing to your heart

Repeat it as many times as you like (once is totally fine). I’ll be attempting to mix all the voices that I receive together into the song. At the very least, I will try to include all the video footage and pictures I receive.

The song is in the key of C.

Below is a click track and single melody to sing along with if you want to use it. To use it, play the track on your computer with headphones while using your phone to record a video of yourself singing. You should only hear the click track in your ears, not in your recorded video. This is about coming together while we’re apart so if you have other people in your household that you can sing with that’s great!

You can also just record a video of yourself singing and don’t worry about using the click track or anything!

3. Send your video to with the subject line “We Sing”

If you can send a link with a download (i.e. use Maildrop when sending from an iPhone), that’s better than sending the whole video in the email – to help from overloading the email account. But do whatever you need to do to send the video. Also send pictures and videos of loved ones who are doctors nurses, grocery store workers, or anyone who is helping us get through all this. You can also send videos or pictures of those who are suffering with the virus or have passed on.

4. Share & Get Notified

If you’d like to help make this project a success, feel free to share this page with others. And if you’d like to be notified when the video is released, you can follow me on social media or sign up on this email list:


Are You a Musician?

Feel free to create your own version of the song and post with the hashtag #wesingtoyourheart